Decoding Peso Pluma’s “RUBICON” Lyrics: A Journey of Resilience and Hustle


Decoding Peso Pluma's "RUBICON" Lyrics: A Journey of Resilience and Hustle

From the barrios of Jalisco to international stardom, Peso Pluma’s meteoric rise has captivated audiences across the United States and beyond

His unique fusion of traditional Mexican corridos with modern urban beats has struck a chord, resonating with fans seeking authentic storytelling amidst fresh, boundary-pushing sounds. 

Among his hit discography, the song “RUBICON” stands out as a powerful anthem that offers an unfiltered look into the singer’s relentless drive, unwavering determination, and the forces that propel his hustle.

The Origins – What is “RUBICON” Really About?

The title “RUBICON” is a nod to the famous river crossed by Julius Caesar, symbolizing a point of no return and an irreversible commitment to a chosen path. 

In Peso Pluma’s case, these lyrics suggest he has reached a pivotal moment where turning back is no longer an option – he is all-in on his journey to success, no matter the obstacles or criticisms that may come his way.

This defiant mindset is evident from the opening lines:

Dicen que soy mamón, también que soy culero
No les pongo atención y muy poco les creo

They say I’m a show-off, they also say I’m an asshole
I don’t pay them any attention, and I hardly believe them

With a dismissive shrug, Peso Pluma acknowledges the naysayers and negative opinions, but remains unfazed, steadfast in his own truth and determination to reach his goals.

Survival Mode – Guarding His Safety and Inner Circle

Throughout the song, Peso Pluma touches on the importance of self-preservation and maintaining a tight, trusted inner circle – a necessity for survival in the unforgiving world he navigates. He sings:

Ando bien protegido desde allá del cielo
Te adelantaste hermano, luego nos veremos
Nomás me quedan los que aquí traigo colgando
Son pocas amistades a mi lado

I walk well-protected from up above
You went ahead brother, we’ll see each other later
I’m only left with those I carry hanging here
Few are the friendships by my side

These lyrics hint at a life fraught with danger, where genuine loyalty is hard to come by and trusted companionship is a precious commodity. Peso Pluma values the few true friends he has, while simultaneously seeking spiritual protection, potentially from those who have passed on or a higher power.


The Hustler’s Anthem – Embracing the Grind

The Hustler's Anthem - Embracing the Grind

At its core, “RUBICON” is an unabashed celebration of the relentless work ethic and hustle mentality that has fueled Peso Pluma’s success. He proudly proclaims:

Siempre con un gallo me verán activo
Para trabajar me pinto
Los billetes no caen solitos

You’ll always see me active, with a rooster (slang for cannabis)
I get ready to work
The bills don’t just fall on their own

These lines encapsulate Peso Pluma’s tireless drive and recognition that financial success requires consistent effort and unwavering commitment – a philosophy that has undoubtedly contributed to his meteoric rise.

Moreover, the references to “moving packages full of little squares” and “green dollars, pure Benjamins making me generate” offer a glimpse into the sometimes perilous means through which he has pursued his ambitions, alluding to potential involvement in illicit activities without explicitly confirming or denying such implications.

Faith and Self-Care – Maintaining Balance

Amidst the relentless hustle, Peso Pluma also touches on the importance of self-care and finding moments of respite. He sings about using marijuana for relaxation and stress relief:

Con hierbita pa’ desestresar
Compa, ando torcido, ya me pegó el blunt

With a little herb to de-stress
Buddy, I’m twisted, the blunt already hit me

Additionally, he acknowledges his spiritual beliefs as a source of guidance and protection:

Creo en mis santos y en el Eleguá

I believe in my saints and in Eleguá (a deity in Santería)

These lyrics suggest that while Peso Pluma is uncompromising in his pursuit of success, he also recognizes the importance of maintaining balance and finding solace in his faith and personal rituals.

Global Ambitions and Moving Forward

As the song progresses, Peso Pluma’s sights extend beyond his immediate surroundings, hinting at grander ambitions and a desire to leave an indelible mark on a global scale:

La bandera es internacional

The flag is international

This line could be interpreted as a nod to his growing international fame and influence, transcending borders and cultural boundaries.

Moreover, he expresses a firm determination to keep pushing forward, leaving the past behind and remaining focused on the future:

No voy a volver atrás
Hacer billetes es la prioridad

I’m not going to go back
Making bills is the priority

Here, Peso Pluma reaffirms his commitment to his chosen path, with financial success remaining the driving force behind his relentless grind.

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Dicen que soy mamón, también que soy culeroSelf-ImageThe artist acknowledges the negative opinions others have of him but chooses to ignore them.
No sufro de conciencia, yo cuido mi cueroSelf-PreservationPeso Pluma prioritizes his own well-being and is not troubled by conscience.
Se me activa el instinto con un buen venenoInstinctsHe is driven by his instincts, which are likened to a potent venom.
Pendiente al celular y también de los medio’VigilanceThe artist stays alert and aware of his surroundings, including the media.
Ando bien protegido desde allá del cieloProtectionHe feels protected, possibly by a higher power or by his late friends.
Nomás me quedan los que aquí traigo colgandoLoyaltyHe values the few close relationships he has.
Son pocas amistades a mi ladoFriendshipPeso Pluma has a small circle of trusted friends.
Me cuidan los collares que traigo en el pechoSpiritual ProtectionHe believes in spiritual protection, possibly referencing religious or cultural symbols.
Y aquí sigo por el caminoResilienceDespite challenges, he continues on his path.
Casi siempre me ven tranquiloComposureHe maintains a calm demeanor.
Cumpliendo mi objetivo, pienso positivoGoalsHe is focused on achieving his goals with a positive mindset.
Siempre con un gallo me verán activoWork EthicPeso Pluma is always active and ready to work.
Para trabajar, me pintoReadinessHe is always prepared to work.
Los billetes no caen solitosFinancial SuccessHe acknowledges that money doesn’t come without effort.
Moviendo esos paquetes llenos de cuadritosHustleHe is involved in activities that generate income.
Verdes dolaritos, puros benjamines me hacen generarWealthHe is focused on making money, specifically U.S. dollars.
Ahí me vieron pasar en un RubiconSuccessThe Rubicon may symbolize a significant achievement or status.
Suman los Cryptos y bajo controlModern WealthHe is up-to-date with modern forms of wealth like cryptocurrency.
Nos mantenemos a la orden del señorFaithHe maintains a sense of humility and service to God.
Con un gallo, me relajo yoRelaxationHe finds relaxation in his own way, possibly referencing smoking.
Allá en las dunas, siempre tranquilónLeisureHe enjoys peaceful moments, perhaps in nature.
Compa, ando torcido, ya me pegó el bluntIntoxicationHe openly talks about the effects of marijuana on him.
En la orilla del mar, me veránSerenityHe finds serenity by the sea.
Con hierbita pa’ desestresarStress ReliefHe uses marijuana as a means of stress relief.
Siempre a la orden y aquí voy a estarAvailabilityHe remains available and present.
Y para qué voy a hablar de másDiscretionHe prefers to keep certain things to himself.
Por El Chapillo me han de apodarIdentityHe references a nickname or alias.
La bandera es internacionalGlobal PresenceHe has an international presence or influence.
Efectivo para trabajarProfessionalismHe is effective and professional in his work.
En el equipo piñas y también SCARPreparednessHe is well-equipped, possibly referencing firearms.
Y pa’ los que quieran afectarDefianceHe is ready to confront those who wish him harm.
Creo en mis santos y en el EleguáFaithHe has faith in his saints and in Eleguá, a deity in Santería.
Y hablando de antes, no voy a volver atrásMoving ForwardHe is not interested in dwelling on the past.
Hacer billetes es la prioridadPriorityHis main priority is to make money.


What is the subject matter of Peso Pluma’s song “RUBICON”?

Peso Pluma’s “RUBICON” offers an introspective exploration of his personal journey, encompassing struggles, triumphs, and life experiences. 

The lyrics delve into themes of self-defense, resilience in the face of failure, perseverance, and the pursuit of success. Additionally, the song reflects on the significance of loyalty and the rarity of genuine friendships.

Who penned “RUBICON”?

“RUBICON” was co-written by Peso Pluma and Neton Vega.

Who developed “RUBICON”?

The production of “RUBICON” was overseen by George Prajin, Peso Pluma, and Iván Leal “Parka”.

To which genre does “RUBICON” belong?

Primarily classified as a corrido—a form of Mexican music—“RUBICON” also incorporates elements of hip-hop and trap, showcasing Peso Pluma’s distinctive fusion of contemporary urban sounds with traditional Mexican regional music.

What is the tempo of “RUBICON”?

The song maintains a tempo of 140 beats per minute (BPM), though it can be alternatively played at double time (280 BPM) or half time (70 BPM).

How long is “RUBICON”?

“RUBICON” spans a duration of three minutes and fifty-eight seconds.

In what key is “RUBICON” performed?

The song is performed in the key of F major.

Have there been any notable performances of “RUBICON”?

Certainly, Peso Pluma delivered a memorable rendition of “RUBICON” alongside Mike Tyson at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards. The unconventional stage, set within a boxing ring, symbolized the artist’s triumphant journey.

What honors has Peso Pluma received or been nominated for?

Peso Pluma secured nominations at the 2023 Premios Tu Música Urbano, including recognition in categories such as Top Artist—Regional Mexican Urban. Moreover, his performance of “RUBICON” at the Billboard Music Awards garnered commendation.

Why is the song titled “RUBICON”?

The title “RUBICON” symbolizes a pivotal moment or irreversible decision, reflecting Peso Pluma’s unwavering commitment to his artistic path despite challenges and detractors—an essence subtly interwoven into the song’s narrative.


In “RUBICON,” Peso Pluma offers a raw, unfiltered glimpse into his psyche – a world where resilience, loyalty, and an unwavering hustle mentality are not just buzzwords, but a way of life. Through his lyrics, he paints a vivid portrait of a journey fraught with challenges, but fueled by an indomitable spirit that refuses to be deterred.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to his music, “RUBICON” is a powerful anthem that demands your attention and invites you to join Peso Pluma on his uncompromising quest for success. 

So hit play, immerse yourself in the pulsating beats and poignant storytelling, and prepare to be inspired by the resilience and determination that have propelled this rising star to the forefront of the music scene.

Key Takeaways

  • “RUBICON” symbolizes a point of no return for Peso Pluma, representing his commitment to his chosen path despite obstacles.
  • The lyrics highlight the importance of self-preservation, genuine loyalty, and maintaining a tight inner circle.
  • Peso Pluma proudly embraces the relentless work ethic and hustle mentality that have fueled his success.
  • He acknowledges the role of self-care, spiritual beliefs, and finding moments of respite amidst the grind.
  • The song hints at global ambitions and a determination to leave a lasting impact on the music world.

What are your thoughts on the deeper meanings and themes explored in “RUBICON”? Share your interpretations and reactions in the comments below.

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