Naked and Afraid Last One Standing 2023: Five Powerful Men Battle for $100K Prize


Naked and Afraid Last One Standing 2023: Five Powerful Men Battle for $100K Prize

In the intense world of survival reality TV, few challenges push human endurance to the limits like Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing. 

The 2023 season took the concept to a whole new level, stripping 12 elite survivalists of their clothes and resources and forcing them to outlast each other for 45 grueling days in South Africa’s punishing Oribi Gorge

When the dust settled, it came down to five powerful men battling for the ultimate $100,000 prize.

The Final Five Survivalists

As the competition reached its dramatic conclusion, the remaining warriors were:

  1. Steven – A fan favorite with extensive bushcraft skills honed over multiple Naked and Afraid challenges.
  2. Gary – A former U.S. Marine known for his mental toughness and ability to push through extreme conditions.
  3. Waz Addy – A police detective embracing a minimalist, primitive lifestyle who proved to be a fierce competitor.
  4. Jeff – Another audience favorite, Jeff’s hunting abilities and outgoing personality made him a standout.
  5. DanRounding out the final five, Dan’s calm demeanor and survival ingenuity should not be underestimated.

The Grueling Last One Standing Challenge

The Grueling Last One Standing Challenge

To even reach the finale was an incredible feat of mental and physical endurance. For over 45 days, these men had to survive completely naked, battling:

  • Scorching days over 100°F and frigid nights dropping below 40°F
  • Rugged terrain, venomous snakes, and threatening wildlife
  • Severe dehydration, starvation, and exposure risks

Every moment was a struggle to find water, food, build shelters, and maintain their core fires. One mistake could be catastrophic in this ultimate survival challenge. Only the most skilled and determined survivalists could still be standing.

And the $100,000 Winner Is…Waz Addy!

In an epic showdown that saw fan favorites Steven, Gary, and Jeff gradually eliminated, it ultimately came down to Waz Addy vs Dan as the last two men standing. And in the end, it was Waz Addy who emerged as the Last One Standing winner, taking home the unprecedented $100,000 grand prize!

“I’m blessed beyond measure to have won this game. It’s life-changing for me and my family.” Waz Addy

What set Waz apart was his pioneering strategy of always keeping hot coals insulated under his firepit, ensuring he’d never lack a starter flame. He also earned a perfect 10.0 survival rating from the show’s experts – the first in the Naked and Afraid franchise.

What Made Waz’s Performance So Impressive?

Skills & Smarts

  • Masterful fire-making and improvised tool building
  • Keen survival instincts honed from his primitive lifestyle
  • Calm, focused mindset to endure severe deprivation


  • Prioritized creating warm, dry shelter over calories
  • Conserved energy, never overexerting himself
  • Prevented potential injuries from impacting his game

“Waz’s performance out there was incredible to witness,” raved fellow finalist Jeff. “His craftiness and sheer determination were just levels above everyone else.”

The “Waz Way” embodied living simply while staying mentally and physically strong. His pre-show predictions of employing a “zen-like focus” proved prophetic in outlasting the competition.


Fan Reactions to Waz’s Victory (Divide Fans)

While many fans celebrated the well-deserved Waz Addy victory, his win did not come without some controversy:

“Underestimated Waz. Thought he was just talking….guy obviously is pure legit. Congratulations!”

“Jeff is the only one who treated it like a competition. Everybody needed everyone else to survive.”

Some viewers felt Waz and Dan essentially cheated by cooperating too closely in the end, splitting resources and responsibilities as a team. There were accusations that their “sportsmanship” violated the show’s individual competition rules.

“The way #Waz and #Dan acted at the end was the true meaning of sportsmanship and great energy. Yes, it’s a competition but you don’t have to be a slithering snake to win.”

“Waz and Dan still helping each other so whoever wins, are they gonna split the money? It’s basically cheating.”

While the fierce loyalty garnered respect from many fans, others believed their teamwork gave them an unfair group advantage that undermined the challenge.

What’s Next for Naked and Afraid Champ Waz Addy?

What's Next for Naked and Afraid Champ Waz Addy

Since his Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing epic, Waz has continued embracing his life’s mantra of striving to “create my own path” while focusing on his family. He used his $100K winnings to go on a celebratory trip to Arkansas with his partner Laura and is considering some philanthropic projects.

The former detective also launched a Shopify store selling “positive clothing” with uplifting slogans:

  • “Control your Controllables” t-shirts
  • Apparel line featuring designs by his young daughter

“As a father I want to be more, as a partner I want to do better,” Waz states. His goal is “Manifesting the love that flows through you.”

No word yet on if the survivalist plans to push his limits again on another Naked and Afraid challenge. But you can be sure the imposing, mentally-tough Waz Addy will be ready if another opportunity to showcase “The Waz Way” arises.

Will Waz’s Performance Go Down as the Greatest in Naked and Afraid History?

There’s no denying Waz Addy cemented himself as an all-time Naked and Afraid legend with his unprecedented accomplishments:

  • First ever 10.0 perfect survival rating
  • $100K prize (largest in the franchise)
  • Outlasting elite survivalists for 45 days straight
  • Pioneering hot coal firepit strategy

His perseverance, skills, and unshakable focus made him the true “Last One Standing” in incredibly difficult conditions. Waz exemplified the key to thriving when stripped of all creature comforts.

However, the controversy over his perceived “team” effort with Dan could taint the win for some purists. Whether you view it as noble sportsmanship or unfair cheating, it’s certainly a polarizing debate.

What’s your take? Did the right man win Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing 2023, or should the money have gone to another contestant? Share your thoughts on Waz Addy’s inspiring – or questionable – victory in the comments below!

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