Low Taper Fade Curly Hairstyles for Men in 2024


Low Taper Fade Curly Hairstyles for Men in 2024

The low taper fade haircut is shaping up to be one of the hottest modern hairstyles for men with curly hair in 2024. 

This sleek yet textured cut is specifically designed to complement and accentuate natural curls, allowing your gorgeous texture to take center stage while keeping the sides and back exquisitely neat and stylishly tapered.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into what exactly a low taper fade for curly hair entails, explore the multitude of fresh style variations you can rock, share expert tips for making your curls really pop, and teach you how to maintain this contemporary cut. 

By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll be fully equipped with the knowledge to get the perfect on-trend taper fade tailored to your unique curl pattern and personal flair.

What is a Low Taper Fade for Curly Hair?

A taper fade haircut features a smooth, gradual transition between longer hair on top and closely trimmed hair on the back and sides. This skillful technique creates amazing dimension and high-contrast that allows the gorgeous curly texture up top to be the main attraction.

The key phrase “low taper fade” means the fade transition starts very low, just above the ear, with the hair clipped progressively closer to the skin. 

It then tapers upwards in a diagonal line into the longer, luscious curls on top of the head. This particular technique perfectly showcases your curl definition while keeping the overall look polished and meticulously groomed.

A low taper also has the added benefit of framing and flattering your face without overly exposing the scalp like other high fade cuts can. 

For gents blessed with thick, curly hair, the low taper fade is an excellent styling choice to strategically manage and tame volume while allowing those coveted curls to truly flourish and shine in all their glory. 

The smoothly tapered sides neatly preserve ample length on top for everything from sculpted twist outs to glorious fros that flaunt your curl formation.


Cool Low Taper Fade Curly Hair Ideas for 2024

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to curly low taper fades. You’ve got a bounty of fresh fade variations to consider to perfectly suit your unique hair length, density, curl pattern, and personal style vibe. Here are over of the trendiest ideas and inspo images to explore:

Classic Low Taper Fade Curly Styles

These traditional spins on the curly low taper fade never go out of style:

1. Low Taper Fade Curly

Low Taper Fade Curly

The low taper fade is the most iconic version of this cut for curly hair. It delivers that coveted smooth contrast by blending the hair lower on the back and sides while allowing those glorious curls up top to be the shining stars. 

Ask your barber for a tight #1 or #2 clipper fade to start the seamless taper, and be sure to get those edges crisply lined up for a fresh, well-groomed finish. 

This timeless look flatters all face shapes. Consider a hard side part or unique hairline design to really make it your own.

2. Curly Mid Taper Fade 


As the name implies, the mid taper fade starts tapering just slightly higher than the low version around the temples and upper sides. 

This preserves a bit more length in the lower areas to better support volume if your curls tend to be ultra thick and dense. Mid curly taper fades create more of a rounded, ballooning effect up top to really maximize the majestic fro. 

Keep those edges crazy clean and the fade lined with curved arches for beautiful, bold definition.

3. Classic Low Fade with Pomade & Side Part 

Classic Low Fade with Pomade & Side Part

This vintage-inspired look features a standard low taper fade cut with approximately 1-2 inches of curly length left up top. 

The key is using a heavy pomade or styling wax to coat strands and achieve those smoothly defined curls with a razor-sharp side part. Comb everything back with precision and lightly brush over the area where the taper meets the longer hair to seamlessly blend. 

Finish with a groomed edge up for that iconic retro “barbershop” sophistication made modern and fresh.

Textured & Defined Curly Low Fades

For the curl lovers who want their gorgeous natural texture turned up to 11, these looks are for you:

4. Tight Curls Low Taper Bald Fade 

Tight Curls Low Taper Bald Fade 

Gents rocking tight, zig-zag coiled curls can let their pattern be the star of the show with this impactful curly cut. Ask your barber for a bald fade that shaves the lower edges down to the skin while gradually fading up into your springy coils. 

This high-contrast approach puts all eyes on your distinct curl formation projecting straight up from the scalp. Finish with a meticulously crisp line up and rounded hairline to perfectly frame those tiny, densely packed ringlets.

5. Curly High Volume Taper Fade 

Curly High Volume Taper Fade

For natural texture with major body and lift, consider a temple fade. This extreme cut removes every bit of bulk from the sides by fading hair high in a diagonal line down from the part to longer lengths behind the ear. 

Keep the perimeter soft and natural to highlight those bouncy, voluminous curls springing upwards from the crisp fade line. Cocktail of volumizing products like mousse and a crunchy gel will help you achieve those gravity-defying heights.

6. Burst Fade Curly Graffiti Design 


The burst fade offers a wildly creative twist by skillfully carving designs like curves, zig-zags, or custom emblems directly into the tight fade around your luscious curls up top. 

This provides the perfect blank canvas for your barber’s graffiti-inspired hair artistry to shine

The resulting intricately etched visuals set against your textured locks makes for an undeniably avant-garde, modern statement look that exudes confidence and edge.

Curly Tapered Fades With Line-ups & Edges

Expect some jaw-dropping precision with these cuts that flawlessly incorporate creative lines, edges, and detailing:

7. Low Taper Fade with Curly Line Up 

Low Taper Fade with Curly Line Up

Add some artistic geometry to frame your curly taper fade with a meticulously executed, straight-lined edge up and/or design along the hairline. 

The perfect 90-degree angles offer an striking juxtaposition against the soft, organic waves up top. These shaping techniques take true barbering talent and patience, but the payoff is a killer “hair tattoo” effect unlike anything else out there.

8. Temple Fade Top 

Temple Fade Top 

For those who prefer an ultra-close crop on the sides, enter the temple fade. This bold look shaves a drastic fade line diagonally from the part down in front of the ear, blending into longer lengths behind it. 

While it removes significant weight and volume from the sides, the ample top section is left full and free to maximize curl definition. Complete the look with a curved edges along the hairline for optimum style contrast.

9. Low Fade Sideburns & Hard Part 

Low Fade Sideburns & Hard Part 

Thick, well-groomed sideburns can provide strong face framing when paired with a crisp curly low fade. Cleanly fade the hair down around the ears while leaving pronounced sideburn wings to flow backwards freely. 

Accentuate them further with dense beard scruff and a carved hard part line extending back diagonally to really make this focal point pop. The result is an arresting, masculine detail that draws all eyes directly inwards towards your best features.

Longer Curly Hair with Taper Fades

Just because you’re rocking lengthier locks doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fresh taper fade action. These styles were made for the long-haired curl connoisseurs out there:

10. Long Curly Hair Low Taper Fade 

Long Curly Hair Low Taper Fade

Even guys with luscious curls extending past 8 inches can benefit from having a low taper fade incorporated. 

This technique removes heavy bulk and weight from the undersides while allowing those gorgeous longer lengths up top to cascadingly flow with much-needed freedom

Be sure to ask your stylist for internal layering, point cutting, and selective thinning throughout to remove any additional unnecessary mass. The end result is a streamlined yet stellar curly mane.

11. Curly Mullet/Wolf Cut with Mid-Drop Fade

Curly Mullet/Wolf Cut with Mid-Drop Fade

The modern mullet (or “wolf” cut) gets a contemporary upgrade with curly texture and a mid-drop fade. The key is lots of feathery layering towards the front to create flowy, piece-y bangs/fringe over the face

Then the back abruptly drops lower for an under-cut effect before fading up into glorious curly lengths cascading past the shoulders. It’s an edgy, face-framing cut designed to allow your curls’ movement and texture to be the star.

12. Curly Top Knot with Taper Fade 

Curly Top Knot with Taper Fade 

For the curl kings who love a “man bun” moment, consider spicing things up with hair graphic designs incorporated into the tapered sides and back. 

Slick longer curly pieces up into a clean top knot or pony, then get creative with shaved line work detailing around the tight faded perimeter. 

Strong shapes and intentional negative space carving creates amazing visual contrast and interest from every angle.

How to Style a Low Taper Fade with Curly Hair

So you’ve got the cut – but do you know how to make those curls look their absolute best with a taper fade? Here are the pro tips:

Step 1: Use a moisturizing curl-friendly shampoo and conditioner, like ones with shea butter or oils. Thoroughly rinse to prevent any product buildup.

Step 2: While hair is still damp, work in a quarter-sized amount of leave-in curl cream or conditioner from roots to ends. This hydrating step protects your curl pattern and prevents frizz.

Step 3: Allow your curls to air dry naturally to keep their defined bounce and spring. Simply give hair a shake every so often to break up any major clumping as it dries.

Step 4: Once dry, apply a pea-sized amount of curl defining cream, gel, or mousse formulated specifically for enhancing curl formation. Use praying hands to gently rake and scrunch the product up towards your roots.

Step 5: Either allow hair to finish air drying or sit under a hooded dryer while diffusing the curls into their optimum shape. Avoid touching or disturbing the curl pattern until it’s 100% dry.

Step 6: Use a wide-tooth comb or pick to create your desired part – side, middle, or whichever look you prefer.

Step 7: Finish by scrunching in a few drops of nourishing hair oil or serum focused on the ends to boost shine and soften any remaining frizz or crunch from styling products.

Step 8: Get hands-on shaping your curls into your final desired look, whether that’s a fro, twist out, defined coils, or anything in between!

This simple, low-manipulation routine keeps curls healthy, defined, and their natural texture perfectly complemented by your dapper tapered sides.

Enhance and extend your style between washes with a lightweight curl refresher spray, scrunching it in each morning. Look for formulas with botanical extracts and oils designed to revive parched curls.

Benefits of Low Taper Fades for Curly Hair

There are so many advantages to having the low taper fade cut as a curly-haired guy. Here are some key reasons why it’s such a wise grooming choice:

  • Curl Enhancement: By removing excess weight and bulk from the sides/back, the longer curls up top are free to form their natural pattern and texture is enhanced.
  • Low Maintenance: Tightly faded sides can go 4-6 weeks between cuts while allowing curls to grow out on top. No need for super frequent barber visits.
  • Face Flattering: Clean taper lines and shaped edges provide a slimming effect that complements and frames your facial features.
  • Styling Versatility: With shrunken bulk, curls can be worn naturally free-formed, twisted, braided, or pineappled without fighting shape from lower sections.
  • Vintage Meets Modern: Taper fades bring a nostalgic barbershop feel yet remain totally contemporary and fresh when paired with curly textures.
  • Office-Friendly: This groomed yet stylish cut maintains a polished, professional aesthetic appropriate for even conservative workplaces.

FAQ on Low Taper Fades for Curly Hair

Still have some burning questions about this trendy curly hair move? We’ve got you covered:

Is a low taper fade a good cut for curly hair types? 

Absolutely! The low taper technique helps showcase curls’ glorious definition and patterns while keeping the overall shape clean and structured. 

The close tapering removes bulk without exposing tons of scalp like some other fade variations can.

What curl lengths work best with a low taper fade? 

The versatility of the curly low taper fade is that it can be executed on everything from short, cropped curl lengths around 2-3 inches all the way up to longer past-the-shoulders curl extensions over 8 inches long. 

Most guys opt for a happy medium around 4-6 inches of hair up top to really allow that shape and texture to pop.

How often do you need to get a curly low taper fade re-tapered/trimmed? 

In general, plan to revisit your barber every 4-6 weeks for a taper fade re-fresh. Curly hair has a tendency to grow out faster on the sides, so any longer than this and your fresh fade start to lose its crispness. 

Those with ultra dense curl patterns or rapid growth cycles may need to come in every 3-4 weeks to maintain that sharp, newly cut look.

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