Ultimate Guide To Eyelash Extensions Curl Chart


Ultimate Guide To Eyelash Extensions Curl Chart

Eyelash extensions curl shapes determine the lift and style of lashes. Various curls, like J, B, C, and D, offer different looks. They range from natural to dramatic, suiting diverse preferences. Curl type chosen enhances eye appearance with extended lashes.

Discover the ultimate guide to eyelash extensions curl chart. Learn about different curl types and how to choose the best ones. Explore tips and tricks for enhancing eye appearance with various lash curls. Dive into the world of eyelash extensions and elevate your lash game.

This is a comprehensive resource. It provides valuable information on different lash curl types and their applications. Learn how to select the right curls to achieve desired lash styles. Enhance your expertise in eyelash extensions with this detailed guide.

Learn the types of natural lash angles before choosing the correct lash curls.

Before selecting lash curls, it’s crucial to understand natural lash angles. Lashes can be straight, downwards, or upwards. Knowing this helps determine the best curl for each client’s eye shape.

Straight lashes may benefit from upwards-curving curls, while downward lashes may require more lift. Understanding natural lash angles ensures precise and flattering lash extensions.

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Eyelash extensions chart: Lash curl chart.

NaturalFor straight and upwards angle natural lashesJB
DramaticFor straight and downwards angle natural lashesCCCD
Lift upFor hooded eyes, deep set eyes and droop eyesLLCLD
Straight upFor extremely downwards angle lashesM
Eyelash extensions chart Lash curl chart.

J Curl: This curl has a subtle curvature, making it suitable for clients with straight or slightly upwards-angled natural lashes. It provides a natural look and is often used for those seeking a simple enhancement without dramatic lift.

B Curl: The B curl is a basic curl commonly used for the inner corner and bottom lashes. It offers a gentle curve that blends seamlessly with natural lashes, making it ideal for clients looking for a soft, natural appearance. It also mixes well with other curl types for texture and dimension.

C Curl: Widely popular, the C curl provides a classic and versatile option for lash extensions. It offers a noticeable lift that opens up the eyes, making it suitable for clients with straight or downwards-angled natural lashes. The C curl strikes a balance between natural and dramatic, making it suitable for various eye shapes and preferences.

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CC Curl: Positioned between the C and D curls, the CC curl offers a slightly more pronounced curve than the C curl while remaining natural looking. It provides an eye-opening effect, making it ideal for clients with slightly downward-facing or straight lashes who desire a noticeable yet subtle lift.

D Curl: For clients seeking a more dramatic look, the D curl is the go-to choice. It offers a bold and pronounced curve that creates a dramatic lift, making it perfect for those with straight or downwards-angled natural lashes. The D curl is often used to achieve wispy, voluminous lash designs.

L Curl: Designed to provide a natural looking lift, the L curl is ideal for clients with hooded or deep-set eyes. It features a unique shape with a flat base and an upward tilt, creating a subtle but noticeable lift. The L curl helps to open up the eyes and enhance their appearance without appearing overly dramatic.

M Curl: Similar to the L curl, the M curl offers a flat base with an upward curl, but with a shorter base length. It is ideal for clients with downward-angled natural lashes who desire an extreme cat-eye effect. The M curl provides a dramatic lift and helps create a wide-eyed look.

I Curl: The I curl is characterized by its very straight shape, making it suitable for clients who want increased lash line density without the addition of curl. It is often used for clients, especially men, who prefer a natural but fuller lash appearance without noticeable lift.

Each curl type offers unique characteristics and benefits, allowing lash artists to customize extensions according to their clients’ preferences, natural lash angles, and desired look.

How to choose the best eyelash extension curls for different eye shapes?

Selecting the appropriate eyelash extension curls for different eye shapes is essential to achieve the desired aesthetic effect. Here’s a breakdown of how to choose the best curls for various eye shapes:

How to choose the best eyelash extension curls for different eye shapes

Hooded Eyes:

  • Hooded eyes have a characteristic drooping eyelid that partially covers the crease.
  • To lift hooded eyes, opt for curls like M, L, or L+ (LC, LD), which offer a natural-looking lift.
  • These curls have a straight base followed by a gentle curve, providing a subtle yet effective lift to the eyes.

Deep Set Eyes:

  • Deep set eyes are set deeper into the eye socket, creating the appearance of a prominent brow bone.
  • To create an open-eye look, choose curls with longer bases such as L, LC, or LD.
  • These curls help to elongate the lashes and draw attention to the eyes, enhancing their appearance.

Monolid Eyes:

  • Monolid eyes lack a distinct crease between the eyelid and brow bone.
  • To add dimension and volume to monolid eyes, use mixed curls like B and L.
  • Applying B curls to the outer corners and L curls to the center of the eyes creates a multi-layered, fluffy appearance.

Round Eyes:

  • Round eyes have a wide, circular shape with a visible iris and minimal visible eyelid.
  • Highlight natural lash curves with curls like C, D, or L to elongate the eyes.
  • These curls create a cat-eye effect, adding definition and drama to round eyes.

Downward Eyes:

  • Downward eyes have lashes that naturally point downwards, giving the eyes a droopy appearance.
  • Provide a lift effect with curls such as C, D, or L to open up the eyes.
  • These curls help to create the illusion of lifted and more awake-looking eyes.

Close-Set Eyes:

  • Close-set eyes have a narrow space between them, making them appear closer together.
  • Apply low-curl lash extensions like B or C to elongate the eyes and create balance.
  • These curls help to visually widen the space between the eyes, enhancing their symmetry.

Protruding Eyes:

  • Protruding eyes have a forward projection, making them appear larger and more prominent.
  • Enhance protruding eyes with curls ranging from C to D for a striking cat-eye effect.
  • These curls add volume and definition to the lashes, complementing the natural shape of protruding eyes.

Almond Eyes:

  • Almond eyes have a classic oval shape with slightly upturned outer corners.
  • Choose curls like C for a natural full-eye appearance or D for added drama.
  • These curls accentuate the natural shape of almond eyes, enhancing their beauty and symmetry.

By understanding the unique characteristics of each eye shape and selecting the appropriate lash curls, lash artists can create customized looks that enhance the natural beauty of their clients’ eyes.

Frequent questions.

C and D are famous curls. Which curl is better?

C and D curls both have their merits; C offers a natural look, while D provides more drama.

CC vs. D curl

CC curls offer a subtle lift, while D curls are more dramatic in appearance.

How to keep the lash curl shape longer?

To maintain lash curl, avoid excessive moisture and rubbing, and use a lash-friendly mascara.

How do I choose curl for eyelash extensions?

When choosing a curl for eyelash extensions, consider the client’s natural lash angle and desired look.

Which are the 3 standard lash curls?

The three standard lash curls are J, B, and C, each offering different levels of curvature.


Understanding eyelash extension curls is crucial for achieving desired looks. By selecting the right curls, clients can enhance their natural beauty while achieving their desired aesthetic. Whether opting for a natural or dramatic look, there’s a curl type to suit every preference and eye shape.

Additionally, proper maintenance techniques such as avoiding excessive moisture and rubbing can help prolong the curl shape, ensuring long lasting results. With the wide variety of curls available, including J, B, C, and more, lash artists can customize extensions to meet each client’s unique needs. Ultimately, mastering the art of lash curls enables both clients and lash artists to enjoy beautiful, eye-enhancing results that boost confidence and elevate overall appearance.

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