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Types of chains different types of necklace chain links. Necklaces boast diverse styles catering to various preferences and occasions. From delicate cable chains to intricate rope chains, each link offers unique aesthetics and functionality. Understanding these differences aids in selecting the ideal chain to complement outfits or express personal style. Whether favoring timeless elegance in curb chains or dainty charm in box chains. Exploring options adds versatility to jewelry collections. This guide delves into characteristics and uses of different necklace chain links. Offering insights to inform accessorizing decisions.

Why Identify Different Chain Links?

Identifying different chain links is essential for several reasons. Firstly, knowing the specific style of chain link allows you to replace or match chains accurately. For example if you are searching for a replacement it or a matching one for a loved one’s jewelry. Knowing the its style aids in your search. Understanding it is crucial when selecting a chain suitable for wearing with a pendant.

Why Identify Different Chain Links?

Certain chain styles, like the curb link chain, are ideal for carrying heavier pendants without looking bulky. Moreover, recognizing various chain links helps in understanding their aesthetic and functional differences. Some chains, such as the box chain, offer a sleek and simple design. Perfect for both standalone wear and pendant pairing. Overall identifying different its enhances your ability to select the right chain for your specific needs and preferences, ensuring both style and functionality.

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Different Types of Necklace Chain Links in Alphabetical Order

In alphabetical order, various necklace chain links offer unique features. Anchor chains resemble nautical chains found in shipyards, ideal for men due to their sturdy yet sleek design. Ball chains, often seen with dog tag pendants, feature small spheres spaced evenly along the chain, providing a rough look.

Different Types of Necklace Chain Links in Alphabetical Order

Curb chains, recognized for their square links are flexible options suitable for both men and women offering strength and grace. Finally, box chains stand out with their square shaped links, creating a sleek and modern appearance, perfect for wearing alone or with pendants.

Anchor Chain (Mariner Chain)

The Anchor Chain also known as the Mariner Chain. Derives its name from the chains found in dockyards that secure ships resembling the nautical theme. Its oval shaped, flat links with a connector chain across each link is center provide a sturdy yet sleek appearance.

This chain type popular among men offers a heavier style suitable for wearing without pendants. The Mariner Chain’s design ensures it lays flat against the skin. Making it an ideal choice for everyday wear or pairing with heavier pendants.

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Ball or Bead Chain

The Ball or Bead Chain consists of small, evenly spaced metal beads along its length. These beads are threaded onto a connecting pin forming a continuous strand. Its texture adds visual interest and subtle sparkle to jewelry. Its delicate appearance makes it perfect for dainty designs. It’s commonly used for necklaces bracelets and anklets.

Ball or Bead Chain

The chain’s thin profile allows it to thread through small pendant bails easily. Suitable for both casual and formal wear. Often worn alone for a minimalist look or layered with other chains. Its timeless appeal makes it a popular choice for jewelry.

Belcher or Rolo Chain

The Belcher or Rolo Chain is a type of jewelry chain characterized by its round links. Which are rounded on the outside and flat on the inside. This design gives the chain a classic and sturdy appearance. It’s a choice, for both men and womens jewelry. This type of chain is often used for necklaces and bracelets because its consistent links give off a look that goes well with styles and occasions. The versatility of Belcher or Rolo Chains allows them to be worn on their own as a standout piece or layered with chains for a touch.

Thanks to its classy design the Belcher or Rolo Chain drapes elegantly around the neck or wrist adding a hint of sophistication to any outfit. The smooth and even links ensure comfort while wearing it making it a practical option, for use. Whether you wear it solo or pair it with pendants or charms the Belcher or Rolo Chain gives you an fashionable choice to elevate your jewelry collection with a timeless piece.

Box Chain Also called the Cube, Briolette or Venetian Types of Chains

Box Chain Also called the Cube, Briolette or Venetian Types of Chains

The Box Chain, also known as the Cube, Briolette, or Venetian Chain, is characterized by its square shaped links that give it a sleek and modern appearance. Each link is uniform in size and shape, creating a structured and symmetrical design. This type of chain is loved for its simplicity and stability.

Making it a popular choice for various jewelry pieces like necklaces and bracelets. The Box Chain’s smooth surface allows it to lay flat against the skin, offering comfort and ease of wear. Its creativity makes it suitable for both casual and formal occasions adding a touch of grace to any ensemble.

Byzantine Chain Also called the Birdcage chain or Idiot’s Delight Chain

The Byzantine Chain also known as the Birdcage Chain or Idiot’s Delight Chain features intricate links. Originating around 300 BCE its name may stem from complexity. It’s a bold and regal chain that stands out. Despite its name’s origins it remains a timeless choice. The chain’s links resemble a birdcage or intricate pattern. While not suitable for pendant pairing it shines alone. Its enduring popularity speaks to its timeless elegance. It adds sophistication, whether worn alone or layered.


The Byzantine Chain boasts elaborate links with a rich history. Its intricate design suggests craftsmanship and elegance. Despite its ancient origins, it remains a fashion forward choice. The chain’s versatility allows it to complement various outfits. It stands out for its bold presence and unique pattern. Whether worn alone or layered it adds flair to any ensemble. Its enduring appeal makes it a staple in jewelry collections.

Curb Chain

The Curb Chain features twisted links and a uniform appearance. Its twisted design allows it to lay flat and uniform. This design gives it a sleek and stylish look. Curb chains come in various thicknesses and styles. A variation is the Cuban chain denser and heavier.

It’s versatile suitable for pendants and layering with other chains. Often used as a charm bracelet foundation, it’s highly adaptable. Its durability and timeless appeal make it a popular choice.

The Curb Chain boasts a classic and sturdy design. Its twisted links provide strength and visual interest. Available in different thicknesses, it suits various fashion styles. The Cuban variation offers a denser look and feel.

Its versatility makes it suitable for diverse jewelry designs. Whether worn alone or layered, it exudes elegance. Its enduring popularity makes it a staple in jewelry collections.

Cuban Chain

It is a type of curb chain with densely grouped links. Offering a heavier weight and luxurious appearance. Its design features links that are twisted and usually diamond cut to lay flat and uniform. These are highly versatile and come in various thicknesses, making them suitable for different fashion styles and preferences.

They are often favored for their bold and stylish look, making them a popular choice for men’s jewelry. Whether worn alone as a statement piece or layered with other chains. Its exudes elegance and sophistication. Making it a timeless addition to any jewelry collection.

Variations on the Curb and Cuban Link Chains

  • Double Link Chain: A type of curb chain characterized by links twisted and diamond cut to lay flat and uniform.
  • Design: Consists of two parallel links joined together, providing a unique aesthetic.
  • Versatility: Suitable for both men’s and women’s jewelry, offering a bold and stylish look.
  • Usage: Often used as the foundation for charm bracelets or worn alone as a statement piece.
  • Appearance: Exhibits a luxurious and sophisticated appearance, adding elegance to any outfit. 
  • Options: Available in various thicknesses and lengths to accommodate different preferences and styles.
Double Link Chain
  • Description: A variation of the curb chain, consisting of two parallel links joined together.
  • Distinctive Features: Offers a unique twist on the classic curb chain design.
  • Flexibility: Can be worn alone as a statement piece or used as a foundation for charm bracelets.
  • Style: Adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any jewelry ensemble.
  • Gender: Suitable for both men’s and women’s jewelry, providing versatility in design.
  • Options: Available in different lengths and thicknesses to cater to individual preferences.

Figaro Chain

The Figaro chain features smaller circular links alternating with one elongated oval link. It’s a popular choice for jewelry, especially among men. This chain offers a visually appealing and dynamic appearance. Its versatility allows it to be worn alone as a statement piece. Available in various lengths and thicknesses, it suits different preferences. The Figaro chain remains timeless for both casual and formal wear.

Foxtail Chain (Franco Chain)

Foxtail Chain (Franco Chain)

The Foxtail chain also known as the Franco chain features squared links set at a 45-degree angle. It differs from the wheat chain with its more angular appearance. This chain is versatile and stylish suitable for various occasions. It lays flat and showcases a distinctive chevron pattern. The Foxtail chain offers a balance between elegance and modernity. Its unique design makes it a popular choice for both men’s and women’s jewelry.

Heart Link Chain

The Heart Link Chain comprises small heart shaped links connected together. It’s a charming and romantic option for jewelry pieces. Each link interlocks with the next forming a continuous chain. This design symbolizes love, making it a popular choice for gifts. The Heart Link Chain is versatile and can be worn alone or with pendants. It adds a touch of elegance and sentimentality to any outfit. This chain is available in various metals and sizes to suit different preferences.

Herringbone Link Chain

The Herringbone chain consists of flat interlocking links arranged in parallel. Its sleek design lays flat against the skin when worn. This chain offers a balance between flexibility and rigidity. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a statement piece. The unique pattern adds sophistication to any outfit. However, it requires careful handling to prevent kinking or damage. Herringbone chains come in various lengths and widths to suit individual preferences.

​Omega Chain

The Omega chain is characterized by its sleek seamless links. It’s admired for its sophisticated appearance and excellent durability. The links are tightly aligned creating a smooth and continuous surface. Available in both flat and rounded styles it offers versatility in design. While typically less flexible, some round Omega chains can accommodate pendants. This chain is favored for its ability to maintain its shape well. It’s often chosen for its modern and elegant aesthetic.

Panther Chain or Mesh Chain

Panther Chain or Mesh Chain

The Panther Chain, also known as the Mesh Chain, is a distinctive jewelry piece admired for its bold design and flexibility.

  • Consists of rectangular links stacked in rows.
  • Creates a mesh like pattern for a unique aesthetic.
  • Offers a luxurious and substantial feel when worn.
  • Provides excellent drape and presence around the neck.
  • Available in various sizes and styles to suit preferences.

This chain style is versatile, suitable for both casual and formal wear, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Paperclip Chain

The Paperclip Chain has become quite popular, as an flexible jewelry choice, known for its style and uncomplicated elegance. With links that mimic the form of paperclips it exudes an minimalist aesthetic. Typically crafted with flattened oval or rectangular links that are linked together the chain achieves an continuous look.

Paperclip chains are prized for their ability to complement various styles. Making them suitable for both casual and formal moments. They can be worn alone as a statement piece or layered with other necklaces for a fashionable and humanize look. The Paperclip Chain is available in different lengths and widths to cater to sole preferences and fashionable.


Popcorn chains are uniquely textured and visually appealing accessories. These chains feature rounded, hollow cup shaped or flat round links.

  • Best for: Wearing alone
  • Texture: Tubular design with fluidity
  • Comfortable: Lightweight yet bold presence
  • Stylish: Distinctive appearance adds flair to any outfit.


Rope chains offer timeless elegance and versatility for everyday wear. Each link is connected to two other links, creating a twist.

  • Classic: Timeless style suitable for various occasions
  • Durable: Sturdy construction ensures longevity
  • Versatile: Can be worn alone or layered with other necklaces
  • Options: Available in various lengths and widths to suit preferences.

Singapore Twist Chain

Singapore twist chains boast an intense sparkle and captivating design. Links are flattened and twisted, providing a unique visual appeal.

  • Sparkle: Diamond cut links catch and reflect light beautifully
  • Fluidity: Twists naturally, adding movement and interest
  • Elegance: Offers a sophisticated touch to any ensemble
  • Versatility: Suitable for layering or wearing alone for a statement look.

Snake Chain (or Brazilian)

Snake Chain (or Brazilian)

Snake chains are revered for their sleek, fluid design and versatility. Each link has a slight point, creating a chevron pattern.

  • Sleek: Smooth and flexible for comfortable wear
  • Stylish: Adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit
  • Versatile: Ideal for both casual and formal occasions
  • Layering: Perfect for stacking with other necklaces for a trendy look.

Spiga or Wheat Chain

Spiga or wheat chains feature a braided appearance resembling stalks of wheat. They can be rounded or flat and offer good flexibility.

  • Braided: Intricate design adds visual interest
  • Flexibility: Moves with ease for comfortable wear
  • Options: Available in varying weights and profiles
  • Versatile: Suitable for wearing alone or with pendants for a personalized look.

Trace Chain

Trace chains are delicate and understated, perfect for everyday wear. Links are flat and can be round or oval shaped.

  • Delicate: Subtle yet elegant for everyday wear
  • Lightweight: Comfortable for extended periods
  • Minimalist: Enhances without overpowering your outfit
  • Layering: Ideal for pairing with other necklaces for a layered look.

Wheat (See Spiga)

Wheat chains, also known as Spiga chains, offer a timeless appeal. They boast a braided/woven appearance resembling wheat stalks.

  • Classic: Timeless design suitable for any occasion
  • Durable: Sturdy construction ensures longevity
  • Options: Available in various thicknesses and lengths
  • Versatile: Suitable for both casual and formal wear.       

Types of chains different types of necklace chain links silver


Silver chains come in various styles and designs to suit preferences.

These include:

  • Cable Chain: Classic uniform links suitable for pendants and layering.
  • Rope Chain: Twisted links resembling a rope offering durability and style.
  • Box Chain: Square links with a sleek appearance, ideal for pendants.
  • Figaro Chain: Alternating large and small links popular for men.
  • Snake Chain: Sleek and fluid design perfect for pendants.
  • Curb Chain: Twisted links that lay flat versatile for various pendants.
  • Singapore Chain: Diamond cut links for intense sparkle and fluidity.
  • Bead or Ball Chain: Small spheres connected by bars adding texture.
  • Mariner Chain: Anchor inspired links offering strength and style.
  • Wheat Chain: Braided appearance resembling wheat stalks flexible and stylish.
  • Mesh Chain: Fabric like fluidity created with fine wire weaving or knitting.
  • Popcorn Chain: Rounded hollow links for unique texture and comfort.
  • Byzantine Chain: Intricate sturdy links with a regal presence ideal for wearing alone.
  • Omega Chain: Seamlessly aligned plates creating a sleek and elegant look.
  • Cobra Chain: Zigzag design for a distinctive appearance adding flair.
  • Herringbone Chain: Interlocking pointed links laying flat for a stylish statement.
  • Foxtail Chain: Links set at a 45° angle with a chevron pattern, elegant and unique.

Silver chains offer visibility durability and style making them a popular choice for various occasions. Whether for everyday wear special events or as a gift there’s a silver chain to suit every taste and preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different links called in necklaces?

Different links in necklaces include cable, rope, box, and more.

What is a chain link necklace?

A chain link necklace is a necklace made of interconnected links.

How many types of necklaces are there?

There are various types of necklaces, each with distinct styles.

What is chain type?

Chain type refers to the design or pattern of the chain.

What are chains and links?

Chains are metal links joined together to form a necklace.

Is a chain a type of necklace?

Yes, a chain can be a type of necklace.

What is the most popular chain pattern?

The most popular chain pattern varies, but cable is common.


Chains are diverse ranging from delicate to bold. They come in various metals like gold silver and platinum. Chains can feature different patterns such as cable rope and box. Each chain type serves a unique purpose and aesthetic preference. From simple cable chains to intricate Byzantine chains options abound.

The choice of chain depends on personal style and occasion. Whether for everyday wear or special events there’s a chain for every need. Experimenting with different chain types can add versatility to jewelry collections. Chains are timeless accessories that enhance any outfit.

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