Could one of the NFL’s biggest stars be trading in his cleats for a strut down the iconic Met Gala red carpet? Rumors are swirling that Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen may make a surprise appearance at the 2024 Met Gala in New York City – one of the most prestigious and outrageous fashion events of the year.

The reason? His girlfriend, actress Hailee Steinfeld, is a confirmed attendee. And where a major celebrity goes, their plus-one is likely to follow – even if that plus-one happens to be a 6’5″ professional athlete better known for throwing touchdowns than serving high-fashion looks.

So just what is this “Met Gala” that has fans and fashionistas alike wondering if the rising NFL star will be flexing more than just his rocket arm on the red carpet? Let’s break it down.

What Exactly is The Met Gala?

The Met Gala is an annual fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. 

Each year, ridiculously wealthy and famous attendees gather to show off some of the most extravagant, avant-garde, and eye-catching ensembles in the world – all based around a specific theme.

2023“Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty”
2022“Gilded Glamour”
2021“In America: A Lexicon of Fashion”
2020(Canceled due to COVID-19)

The grand affair, traditionally held on the first Monday in May, has become a premiere event for celebrities to push creative boundaries with their fashion choices. Need examples? Just look at some jaw-dropping looks from last year’s “Karl Lagerfeld” theme:

  • Doja Cat arrived carrying 30,000 red Swarovski crystals on a futuristic Schiaparelli dress
  • Jared Leto embodied the late designer’s cat, Choupette, in a furry suit and movable face
  • Cardi B stunned in a Chanel-inspired metal dress that weighed nearly 60 lbs!

“The Met Gala is the most indelibly grand and authentic celebration of all things fashion. In one uptown evening, it has become the source code for the coming dress year.” – Vanity Fair on the Met’s significance

So the chance to witness an NFL superstar like Josh Allen decked out in some outrageous couture at fashion’s biggest night? Now that would certainly be worthy of the spotlight.

The 2024 Met Gala Theme: “The Garden of Time”

The 2024 Met Gala Theme: "The Garden of Time"

This year’s Met Gala theme takes inspiration from the 1962 J.G. Ballard short story “The Garden of Time.” According to Vogue, the nature-centric concept will celebrate “the eternal dialogue between humanity and nature.”

For celebrities, this translates to garden party glitz like:

  • Floral prints and patterns evoking lush botanicals
  • Delicate, ethereal fabrics with flowy, earthy silhouettes
  • Vibrant colors reminiscent of blooming flowers and foliage
  • Pieces adorned with nature motifs like butterflies, vines, leaves, etc.

While Josh Allen may seem an unlikely candidate for such an elegant, understated dress code, remember – the Met Gala is all about redefining expectations through high fashion. 

Who’s to say the hulking quarterback can’t pull off a stunning rose-emblazoned suit or tuxedo vest draped in vines?

And the chance to coordinate with his leading lady, Hailee Steinfeld, who’s sure to stun? That could create some truly memorable red carpet moments.

Floral Fashion Inspirations for Josh

If Allen does decide to embrace the botanical theme, he’ll have no shortage of creative options to put his personal stamp on the look. Taking cues from fashion icons and trendsetters, here are some floral-inspired styles the QB could potentially rock:

Subtle Accents

  • A slim black tuxedo injected with a pop of bold fuchsia or sky blue florals on the lapel, tie, or shirt
  • A refined gray or beige suit with a modern floral jacket lining peeking out
  • Classic evening wear amped up with velvet slippers or dress shoes adorned with delicate embroidered vines

Bold Prints

  • A standout eye-catching suit covered in lush foliage or overblown rose prints
  • Color-blocked separates in vibrant grass greens, sunset oranges, and electric florals
  • A brocade or jacquard evening jacket in an abstract leafy art deco pattern

Structural Silhouettes

  • Sharp angles and sculptural shapes creating a geometric “botanical garden” patterned suit
  • Unique fabrications and fabric manipulations mimicking the layered petals of flowers
  • Dramatic capes or toppers with exaggerated butterfly or feather-like embellishments

Natural Neutrals

  • Sleek monochromatic looks in organic linen and cotton shades like sienna, sage, and dusty rose
  • Airy unbuttoned Havana-inspired guayabera shirts paired with tailored trousers
  • Boho-chic open shirt and vest combos with an earthy, beach-to-soiree flair

Whether going for an eye-catching showstopper or more pared-back garden glamour, Allen’s athletically-honed 6’5″ physique could easily pull off any of these botanical-inspired aesthetics. Styled with the right accessories and grooming, he’d be a formal floral champion.

Josh Allen’s Budding Fashion Influence

Of course, seeing a professional athlete at the Met Gala may surprise some. But thanks to increasing mainstream exposure, along with partnerships with brands and magazines, today’s sports stars are becoming more fashion-conscious and influential than ever before.

Josh Allen himself has already taken steps into the sartorial spotlight. Last year, he was featured in a GQ photoshoot that showcased the quarterback’s ability to pull off designer suits, edgy streetwear, and sleek athleisure with equal aplomb.

The spread allowed Allen to flaunt a more suave, refined look from his typical game day attire. As GQ writer Daniel Quintanilla observed, “It turns out that Allen cleans up really well.

“Athletes have this aura…When you dress them up, they look really good. They’re in insane shape, they’re tall, they’re heroes in their own way. You can do a lot with an athlete’s body.” – Celebrity stylist Dion Augustin on styling pro athletes

With his chiseled 6’5″ frame, movie star good looks, and soaring popularity, Allen certainly fits the mold of an athlete who could translate seamlessly to becoming a fashion plate and major endorser.

Plus, having a respected actress like Hailee Steinfeld, known for her own Met Gala-worthy fierce fashion sense, by his side may have been helping Allen level up his wardrobe and confidence already. 

Opportunities like attending the Met Gala together would only accelerate that fashion icon status.


Josh’s Rising Profile in the Style World

Josh's Rising Profile in the Style World

It’s not just fashion media giving Allen the spotlight treatment either. Brands have increasingly been aligning with the Bills captain to showcase his off-field fashion chops:

As one of their elite athlete ambassadors, the “Brozilla” has starred in various athletic leisure and performance campaigns for the apparel brand. This has him modeling their “sweatstyle” collections of joggers, hoodies, and polos that blend comfort and casual style.

What showed off Allen’s physique better than his boxer briefs ads for Naturallynattycross underwear? The irreverent “No Boners” campaign leaned into his virile machismo while he posed in slim-fitting trunks.

The hat company tapped Allen to curate his own selection of flat-brimmed, curved-brimmed, and fitted caps for fans. He gave the apparel an extra dose of personality through his particular tastes.

Whether posing for brand shoots or hitting the red carpet, the QB has been sporting tailored looks from various designers. Brands like Handrexx, Paul&Shark, and NolanOriginals have all suited up Allen in recent years.

With such an increasingly ubiquitous and in-demand presence in fashion and grooming, it’s only natural that Allen’s.

With such an increasingly ubiquitous and in-demand presence in fashion and grooming, it’s only natural that Allen’s name would get tossed in the ring for buzzworthy industry events like the Met Gala.

Whether he actually attends or not, just being part of that speculation reinforces the 26-year-old’s crossover appeal beyond just sports. It’s a sign that he’s transcended being a mere jock to becoming a bonafide style influence.

Potential for an Iconic Red Carpet Debut with Hailee

Speaking of Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld as a stylish couple – can you imagine their potential red carpet energy at the 2024 Met Gala? As one of the most photographed events in the world, the chance to make a debut together in front of that blinding wall of flashing bulbs would be a huge deal.

We’ve seen how other celebrity pairs can own the Met Gala arrivals with their coordinated (or delightfully contrasting) looks:

  • Beyoncé & Jay-Z in matching latex and fur outfits (2023)
  • Kim Kardashian & Kanye West in matching masks and black outfits (2022)
  • Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady in sleek suits and gowns (2018, 2017)

  • Michael B. Jordan in classic black tie & Lori Harvey in a sheer crystalized dress (2022)
  • Elon Musk & Grimes in their infamous “Dune” and cyborg-inspired looks (2021)

  • Brooklyn Beckham & Nicola Peltz in matching ultra-chic glamorous styles (2023)
  • Idris Elba & Sabrina Dhowre in show-stopping custom looks worthy of covers (2021)
  • George & Amal Clooney in sleek designer suits and a gorgeous floral train gown (2018)

With Hailee’s modern style savvy and Josh’s tall, muscular frame, the possibilities are endless for them to turn heads and cameras in coordinating nature-inspired looks. 

A flowing feathery cape and glittering crystal-encrusted mini dress could let the couple embody a regal peacock pairing. Meanwhile, romantic botanical suits and sheer layered chiffon could evoke an elegant rose and her stem.

Or perhaps the bold Bills quarterback would go for something unexpectedly whimsical and fun, like a vibrant red suit covered in stylized sunflower appliques. 

Whatever they decide, their red carpet arrival is sure to be one of the most talked-about moments of the night.

Insights from Celebrity Stylists

So what would it actually take to create such a buzzworthy couple look for fashion’s biggest night? We asked some of Hollywood’s top stylists for their insights:

Jason Bolden 

(stylist for Michael B. Jordan, Yara Shahidi, Taraji P. Henson

“For Josh and Hailee’s potential first Met Gala moment, the key would be keeping things cohesive but allowing each to make an individual statement. I could see them rocking a botanical theme, but putting their own unique spins on it suited to their personalities and body types.”

“For him, you’d want a look that’s cool and modern but still sleek and refined. Maybe a shrunken nature-printed evening suit jacket with a super-skinny trouser and killer dress shoe. For her, we could do a feminine chiffon gown in an oversized floral print with a deep neckline or high slit to show skin.”

“The most important thing though – the fit has to be absolutely impeccable. When working with a dramatically different size couple, tailoring is crucial to make sure they complement each other, not look imbalanced. With proper construction though, they’d be ridiculously hot together!”

Samantha McMillen 

(stylist for Ellen DeGeneres, Melissa McCarthy, Brie Larson)

“For a first Met Gala, you want glamour and drama but you have to ease them into it, especially for an athlete like Josh used to his sweats and jerseys. I’m a big fan of doing a cool take on a classic tuxedo to start – maybe one with a botanical jacquard pattern on the jacket and a slim cut to show off his physique.”

“Or if he really wants to embrace the theme, a longline emerald green velvet smoking jacket worn as the showpiece could be killer, especially paired with Hailee in a goddess-y white slip dress dripping in crystals and pearls. Just a hint of color and opulence.”

“The key for both would be keeping everything precisely tailored but lightweight enough to maneuver the carpet and stairs. It’s a lot of posing! And they’d both need to train in the looks to ensure confidence. But a couple who nails the elevated-but-edgy vibe of the theme while still looking like themselves could really set the bar.”

Lindsay Flores 

(stylist for Jaime Camil, Wilmer Valderrama, Sebastián Yatra

“As two young, cool stars just beginning to make their stamp on style, I think the play for these two would be to go for something bold and unexpected, but still fashionable. Like maybe Josh in a deconstructed botanical-printed silk suit with no shirt and Hailee in a cutout crystal mini with a long floral print trailing tail moment!”

“Or flip expectations by putting Hailee in a chic tuxedo look and Josh in something wildly avant-garde, like a voguish sheer shirt with a colorful sculpted pant and embroidered vines. Make it a night of gender-fluid fashion exploration!”

“The key is creating something memorable and jaw-dropping through taking fashion swings. But make it cohesive through a use of patterns, colors and silhouettes that speak to each other. With their youth and confidence, they can be Met Gala trailblazers!”

With such strategy and thought going into a potential Josh Allen red carpet debut, it’s clear the 6’5″ QB would be in excellent hands. Now we just have to see if the stylists get the chance to work their magic.

The Grand Met Gala Stair Climb

The Grand Met Gala Stair Climb

Of course, one of the most iconic moments of any Met Gala is the climactic red carpet stair walk. After braving the gauntlet of photographers and fans, attendees must ascend the legendary Metropolitan Museum stairs in all their ornate garb glory.

This dramatic stair choreography provides some of the most eye-catching snapshots and videos of the night, as celebrities pause to work the cameras from every angle. It’s the ultimate fashion runway where the outfits can truly shine.

For an athletic specimen like Josh Allen, navigating the stairs in likely much tighter and formal attire than he’s used to could prove challenging. His 6’5″ frame may require some maneuvering to avoid fabric snags or disastrous spills.

However, the Bills star is no stranger to maintaining body control and poise under pressure. If he can deftly evade hulking NFL defensemen, a few museum stairs shouldn’t be too much for him to conquer with aplomb – especially with his petite-but-fashionable date Hailee by his side.

Stair Debut Successes & Stumbles

Part of the charm of these Met Gala stairs sequences is the juxtaposition between glamour and awkwardness. For every elegant, showstopping moment, there always seems to be a few comical stumbles or near-wipeouts from stars struggling with their ornate looks.

Josh will certainly want to avoid joining the ranks of some of the most infamous Met Gala stair stumbles:

  • Kendall Jenner nearly taking a tumble in a see-through beaded dress (2022)
  • Cara Delevingne losing her dazed male companion on the stairs (2022)
  • Frances McDormand awkwardly climbing the steps in her voluminous Valentino gown (2018)

However, the 6’5″ superstar could take cues from other athletes who managed to slay the vaunted stairs with prowess:

  • Odell Beckham Jr. confidently working his kilt look (2022)
  • Tom Brady hitting iconic pose after iconic pose (2018, 2017)
  • Serena Williams slaying the stairs in sculpted athleticwear (2021)

With the right tailoring, styling, and assistance from Hailee as a potential stair companion, Josh Allen should have no issue making the 

With the right tailoring, styling, and assistance from Hailee as a potential stair companion, Josh Allen should have no issue making the legendary Met Gala stair climb look effortless and iconic.

Potential for Fashion Fails and Meme Moments

While the chance to see Josh Allen stun in designer threads may have fans salivating, it’s also worth acknowledging the risk of a total fashion flop or meme-worthy faux pas.

The Met Gala runway has been home to some epically over-the-top looks that missed the mark, from Katy Perry’s ridiculous hamburger dress to Rihanna’s chaotic “omelette chic” cape. Even typically stylish celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker and Solange have endured their share of Met Gala misses.

And for athletes unaccustomed to high fashion’s quirky extremes, looking out of their element is par for the course. Who could forget the year Odell Beckham Jr’s slick tuxedo kilt sparked jokes, or when Cam Newton’s printed shorts-suit combo set the internet ablaze?

So the potential is certainly there for Josh Allen Met Gala memes to run rampant across social media, should his look flop:

Josh Allen attended the Met Gala looking like a feral Steve from Blue’s Clues after a dryer accident”

“Bro thought he was the Green Giant Ambassador”

“QB1 fit like he raided a Spirit Halloween store for Poison Ivy cosplay”

But maybe that risk of a social media roasting would just lean further into the experience for the ultra-competitive and meme-savvy Allen! He’s no stranger to ridiculous nicknames like “Bozilla” and could have fun embracing the chaos.

Bringing Football Flair to Fashion

Of course, if the Met Gala does indeed end up having turf representation from Josh Allen, you can bet he’ll put his stamp on whatever look he ends up donning.

Part of what makes the NFL star so appealing is his brash confidence and fun-loving personality that shines through off the field. Whether it’s his freight train of a Flamingo dance or embracing the “Air Allen” nickname for his wild hair, he leans into his unique persona.

So any sort of high fashion get-up he wears is likely to have some edge or subtle nod to his football roots. Maybe a suit made of sleek but durable athletic fabrics? Or a bold palm tree or flamingo printed lining under a more understated look?

The possibilities for Allen to merge fashion with an homage to his sport are there. And you can be sure the team at Lululemon, one of his major partners, would be happy to lend a hand cross-pollinating their technical athletic-wear expertise into a bespoke formal look.

Stylish Football Crossover Inspo

If Allen did want to inject some low-key football flare, he could take inspiration from other athletes who have blended gridiron influences with high fashion:

  • Ezekiel Elliott’s Met Gala Tails At the 2019 Met Gala, the Dallas Cowboys running back wore a sleek black evening jacket with intricate crystal beading creating a tuxedo “tail” silhouette down the backside, almost reminiscent of football pants.
  • Russell Wilson’s Train Jacket For an awards show look, the Denver Broncos QB stunned in an ultra-wide peak lapel ivory tuxedo jacket that extended into a dramatic train, almost mimicking a hybrid football jersey/cape concept.
  • OBJ’s MetGala Statement Kilt No player blurs the line between football and fashion better than Odell Beckham Jr. His 2022 Met Gala look featured a studded double-breasted blazer, dramatic train, and kilt ensemble that oozed equal parts rugged athleticism and refined couture.
  • Serena Williams’ Met Activewear Leave it to the iconic Serena to make activewear black-tie appropriate! The tennis legend attended the 2021 fete in a sporty hot pink zibeline sculpted bodysuit and matching sleek embroidered ombre detached train.

With such creative sports-meets-fashion styling as inspiration, Josh Allen could find an artful way to blend his NFL persona into a memorable look.

Maybe a suit with iridescent crystal “lacesembroidered down the sides, or a coordinating set with graphic printed chest plates mimicking futuristic football pads? The possibilities are endless when you have athletic tailoring.

Final Thoughts

Whether Josh Allen graces the 2024 Met Gala carpet or not, the mere possibility has already sparked a fascinating discussion around the convergence of sports stardom with high fashion’s biggest night.

Not so long ago, the idea of an NFL quarterback potentially attending such an event would have been laughed off. But in today’s age of transcendent athlete influencers and their relationships with pop culture’s biggest stars, unexpected crossover moments like this feel destined to happen.

What’s most intriguing about Allen’s potential attendance is the opportunity to make a true cultural impact. So few professional football players have stretched their wings into the high-fashion realm. What sort of statement could he make, simply by showing up and participating in the grandest night of style excess?

He could inspire more athletes to embrace their individuality and push boundaries. He could open the door for more masculine, athletic representations in the fashion world. Or he could simply raise Hart Schaffner Marx’s suit sales through the roof!

No matter the outcome, the buzz alone is a fascinating study in America’s obsession with celebrity, sports, and style colliding in spectacular fashion. Josh Allen may just be a pioneer in this new era of crossover stars.

So as we await the first Monday in May with bated breath, one thing is for certain – if Josh Allen does make it to the Met Gala this year, he’s going to make it an unforgettable appearance no matter what he shows up wearing!

What are your thoughts? What kind of nature-inspired look would you like to see the Bills superstar QB rock on the big night? Or will he pull a curveball with something completely against the grain?

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