Complete Guide to Eyelash Extension Styles


Complete Guide to Eyelash Extension Styles

Eyelash extensions are synthetic fibers applied individually to natural lashes to enhance length, curl, and volume. They create a fuller, more dramatic lash look without the need for mascara.

Get ready the secrets of stunning lashes with our Complete Guide to Eyelash Extension Styles. Discover diverse styles to elevate your eye game effortlessly. From cat-eye to doll and natural, find the perfect fit for your unique look. Learn about length, volume, and curl options to tailor your extensions to perfection.

Master the art of communication with your technician for your dream lash style. Say goodbye to mascara woes and hello to effortlessly glamorous eyes with our comprehensive guide!

Types of Eyelash Extension Styles

Types of Eyelash Extension Styles

Various eyelash extension styles cater to different preferences and eye shapes. From cat eye to doll and natural, options abound for every lash lover.

Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions

Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions offer a captivating allure, accentuating your eyes with a subtle yet striking lift. The extensions start short at the inner corner, gradually lengthening towards the outer edge, mimicking the feline gaze.

This style adds a touch of drama and elegance, enhancing the natural shape of your eyes. When done skillfully, Cat Eye Extensions can create a charming tilt, elongating the eyes for a mesmerizing effect.

The longer lashes at the outer corners provide a gentle upward sweep, emphasizing the lifted look. Whether you prefer a bold statement or a softer enhancement, Cat Eye Extensions promise to leave you feeling confident and alluring.

Doll Style Lash Extensions

Doll Style Lash Extensions deliver a sweet and innocent appeal, reminiscent of a doll’s eyes. These extensions typically feature longer lashes in the center, creating a subtle yet enchanting openness. With shorter lashes at the inner and outer corners, they maintain a balanced and natural look.

Unlike dramatic styles, Doll Style Extensions offer a softer and more understated charm, perfect for everyday wear. The longer lashes at the center of the lash line draw attention to the eyes, adding a touch of innocence and playfulness.

Whether you’re seeking a delicate flutter or a youthful vibe, Doll Style Lash Extensions provide a versatile option to enhance your natural beauty. Embrace the enchantment and let your eyes shine with Doll Style Extensions.

Open Eye

Open Eyeeyelash extensions are designed to create a bright and welcoming look, perfect for those seeking an awake and refreshed appearance. These extensions feature longer lashes at the center of the lash line, enhancing the eyes with a subtle lift.

With shorter lashes at the inner and outer corners, Open Eyeextensions maintain a balanced and natural look while adding a touch of youthful radiance. This style is ideal for individuals with downturned or hooded eyes, as it helps to open up the eye area and create the illusion of larger, more alert eyes.

Whether you’re aiming for a casual daytime look or a sophisticated evening style, Open Eye extensions offer versatility and elegance, ensuring that your eyes remain the focal point of your beauty routine. Flaunt your natural charm and embrace the allure of Open Eye extensions for a stunning, wide-eyed effect.

Reverse Cat Eye Lash Extensions

Reverse Cat Eye lash extensions provide a subtle twist on the classic cat eye style, offering a unique and sophisticated look. These extensions feature shorter lashes at the inner corner of the eye, gradually lengthening towards the outer corner.

Reverse Cat Eye Lash Extensions

With longer lashes just past the inner corner, Reverse Cat Eyeextensions create a gentle tapering effect that adds dimension and elegance to the eyes. This style is perfect for those seeking a more understated yet polished appearance.

Unlike traditional cat eye extensions, Reverse Cat Eye extensions offer a softer and more natural look, making them suitable for both daytime and evening wear. Elevate your lash game with this chic and versatile style that complements a variety of eye shapes and sizes.

Squirrel Style

Squirrel Style lash extensions offer a glamorous and alluring look, characterized by their unique upturned appearance. These extensions feature longer lashes in the second-to-last quadrant of the lash line, just above the outer half of the iris.

With gradually shorter lashes on each side, Squirrel Styleextensions create the illusion of lifted and wide-open eyes, enhancing their natural shape and beauty. This style is perfect for those seeking a dramatic yet elegant look that exudes confidence and charm.

Embrace the enchantment of Squirrel Style extensions and unleash your inner allure with lashes that captivate and mesmerize. Whether for a special occasion or everyday glam, these extensions are sure to make a statement and leave a lasting impression.

Natural Eyelash

Natural Eyelash extensions aim to mimic the appearance of your own lashes, providing a subtle enhancement to your eye shape. These extensions offer a light and feathery look, perfect for those seeking a more understated and natural appearance.

Whether you prefer a kitten extension with gradual lengthening or a doll lash style for a rounded look, Natural Eyelash extensions are versatile and customizable to suit your preferences and eye shape. Embrace your natural beauty with lashes that enhance without overpowering, leaving you feeling confident and radiant.

Staggered Eyelash Extensions

Staggered Eyelash extensions create a trendy and edgy look with alternating longer and shorter lashes. This style offers a spiky and dynamic appearance that adds texture and depth to your lashes.

With a mix of lengths and volumes, Staggered Eyelash extensions provide a unique and eye-catching effect, perfect for those seeking a bold and dramatic look. Embrace the versatility of this style and stand out with lashes that command attention and showcase your individuality.

Wispy Eyelash Extensions

Wispy Eyelash extensions offer a soft and fluttery look, creating a delicate and romantic vibe. This style features fewer lashes of similar lengths clustered together, resulting in a feathery and ethereal appearance.

Wispy Eyelash Extensions

With their subtle length variation and feathered texture, “Wispy Eyelash” extensions provide a natural yet captivating look that enhances your eyes without overwhelming them. Embrace the whimsical charm of this style and elevate your beauty routine with lashes that exude elegance and grace.

Fox Style Lashes

Fox Style Lashes offer a captivating and flirtatious charm. Longer and thicker lashes towards the outer corners create an elongated and lifted appearance. This style enhances the eyes, giving them a seductive allure.

With their unique placement and dramatic effect, Fox Style Lashes are ideal for making a bold statement. Embrace the opportunity to showcase your confidence and captivate everyone around you. Let your eyes tell a story of allure and intrigue with these striking lash extensions.

Wavy Lashes

Wavy Lashes provide a subtle twist to traditional extensions. Gentle waves throughout offer a soft and natural look. This style complements various eye shapes effortlessly.

With their sophisticated texture, Wavy Lashes add elegance to any look. Embrace the versatility of this style and enjoy a relaxed yet stylish aesthetic. Let your eyes shimmer with a touch of sophistication with wavy lash extensions.

Colored or Highlighted Extensions

Its offer a fun and vibrant twist to traditional lashes. These extensions come in various shades like blue, purple, and pink. They allow you to express your unique style and personality.

With a pop of color, Colored or Highlighted Extensions add excitement and flair to your look. Whether you prefer a subtle hint or a bold statement, these extensions offer endless possibilities. Embrace your creativity and make a splash with colored or highlighted lash extensions.

Custom Eyelash Extensions

These are tailored to your unique preferences and eye shape. Your lash stylist creates a personalized lash map just for you. This ensures a perfect fit and a look that complements your natural features.

With custom extensions, you have the freedom to choose your desired style, length, and volume. Whether you’re after a dramatic cat-eye or a soft, natural look, the possibilities are endless. Embrace the opportunity to showcase your individuality and enhance your beauty with custom eyelash extensions.

Eyelash Extension Styles for Different Eye Shapes

Eyelash Extension Styles for Different Eye Shapes

Eye shapes vary, so do lash styles. Cat eye extensions flatter almond eyes. Wide-set eyes benefit from reverse cat eye lashes. Close-set eyes look great with squirrel style extensions. Embrace your uniqueness with tailored lash styles.

Almond Eyes

Almond eyes have an elegant shape with a slight upwards lift at the outer corners. They are versatile and can pull off various eyelash extension styles. Cat eye extensions complement almond eyes by enhancing their natural tilt.

Doll style lashes add a rounded look to almond eyes, softening their appearance. Open eye extensions create a wider, more awake look for almond shaped eyes. Embrace the beauty of almond eyes with lash styles that enhance their graceful contours.

Wide-Set Eyes

Wide-set eyes are spaced farther apart on the face. Extensions can help bring them closer together visually. Reverse cat eye lashes add volume to the inner corners, balancing wide-set eyes.

With staggered or wispy extensions, wide-set eyes can appear more proportionate. Avoid heavy volume on the outer corners, which can widen the eyes further. Embrace your unique features by choosing lash styles that enhance the symmetry of wide-set eyes.

Close-Set Eyes

Close-set eyes have minimal space between them on the face. Lashes can create the illusion of more distance between the eyes. Opt for extensions with extra length and volume at the outer corners to visually widen close-set eyes.

Cat-eye extensions are perfect for close-set eyes, as they elongate and balance the eye shape. Squirrel style lashes also work well, lifting and opening up the eyes. Choose lash styles that enhance the outer corners to create a more balanced and symmetrical appearance for close-set eyes.

Down-Turned Eyes

Down-turned eyes slope downward at the outer corners. Lift them with cat-eye or squirrel style lashes. Choose extensions that add volume and length to the outer edges.

Avoid overly long lashes at the outer corners, which can exaggerate the downturned shape. With the right extensions, down-turned eyes can appear more lifted and youthful.

Small Eyes

Small eyes benefit from lighter, wispy lash styles. Stick to thinner classic or hybrid techniques. Opt for shorter lashes at the inner corners to create the illusion of openness.

Avoid overly long or thick extensions, which can overwhelm small eyes. Embrace softer, fluttery extensions that enhance the natural beauty of small eyes.

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes have a heavier brow bone that partially covers the eyelid. Lift them with shorter, lighter lashes near the inner corners. Opt for styles that create the illusion of a more open eye shape.

Avoid heavy volume or very thick lashes, which can weigh down hooded eyes. Consider staggered or wispy extensions to add dimension without overwhelming the eyes. With the right extensions, hooded eyes can appear more awake and defined.

Deep-Set Eyes

Deep-set eyes are set further back in the eye socket. Choose fluttery lash styles that won’t shadow the eyes. Opt for staggered or natural lashes for a soft, subtle look.

Avoid heavy volume or dramatic lashes, which can make deep-set eyes appear smaller. Consider L or D curl lashes for a more pronounced curve that complements deep-set eyes. With the right extensions, deep-set eyes can appear more prominent and captivating.

Protruding Eyes

Protruding eyes project forward from the eye socket. Opt for C, D, or L-curled lashes to flatter protruding eyes. Avoid thick classic lashes that can accentuate the protrusion.

Choose volume or hybrid lashes for added drama that complements protruding eyes. With the right extensions, protruding eyes can appear more balanced and alluring.

Upturned Eyes

Upturned eyes have a natural lift at the outer corners. Enhance them with cat-eye or squirrel extensions. Consider open eye or natural lashes for a softer, more relaxed look.

Avoid overly dramatic lashes that can overpower upturned eyes. Embrace the trendy fox eye look with lash styles that accentuate the natural lift. With the right extensions, upturned eyes can appear more captivating and flirtatious.

Round Eyes

Round eyes are characterized by their large and impressive appearance. Opt for extensions like doll or open eye styles to emphasize their natural shape. Consider cat eye extensions to create a more balanced, almond shaped look.

Avoid overly elongated lashes, which can overwhelm round eyes. Embrace the versatility of round eyes by experimenting with various lash styles. With the right extensions, round eyes can appear even more captivating and expressive.

How To Choose The Right Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash Extension Styles for Different Eye Shapes

To choose the right eyelash extensions, consider factors like length, volume, and curl type. Think about your natural lash length and eye shape. Consult with your lash technician for personalized recommendations.

Eyelash Extension Length

Certainly! Eyelash extension length plays a crucial role in determining the overall appearance and style of your lashes.

Here’s some comprehensive information:

Natural Look: Shorter extensions, typically ranging from 8 mm to 10 mm, provide a subtle and understated enhancement to your natural lashes. They are ideal for those seeking a more natural look or those with shorter natural lashes.

Balanced Appearance: Medium-length extensions, around 11 mm to 13 mm, offer a balance between a natural and dramatic look. They add noticeable length and volume to your lashes without being overly dramatic, making them suitable for everyday wear.

Dramatic Effect: Longer extensions, ranging from 14 mm to 18 mm, create a bold and glamorous look, perfect for special occasions or those who desire dramatic lash enhancement. These extensions add significant length and volume, making your lashes the focal point of your makeup look.

Consideration of Eye Shape: When choosing eyelash extension length, it’s essential to consider your eye shape. For example, longer extensions may overpower smaller eyes, while shorter extensions may not provide enough impact for larger eyes.

Consultation with a Professional: To ensure the most flattering and comfortable lash length, it’s recommended to consult with a trained lash technician. They can assess your natural lashes, discuss your desired look, and recommend the most suitable length and style of extensions for your individual needs.

By considering factors such as your natural lash length, desired aesthetic, and eye shape, you can choose eyelash extensions that enhance your beauty and complement your unique features.

Eyelash Extension Volume

Eyelash extension volume refers to the thickness and density of the lashes. It determines how full and voluminous your lashes appear. Volume lashes can range from natural to dramatic, depending on your preference.

Thicker extensions create a bolder look, while lighter ones offer a more subtle enhancement. Consult with your lash technician to determine the ideal volume for your desired look.

Classic or Signature Eyelash Extensions

Classic or Signature Eyelash Extensions involve attaching one extension to each natural lash, known as the 1D technique. They are quicker and cheaper compared to volume lashes.

Thickness varies from ultra-light 0.5 mm-0.10 mm to dramatic 20 mm-25 mm, also known as glam extensions. These extensions offer versatility in achieving natural or glamorous looks. Consult with your technician to select the perfect thickness for your desired style.

Volume Lashes

  • Volume Lashes involve attaching multiple extensions to each natural lash.
  • Differentiation is based on the number of lashes attached, such as 2D for two lashes and 3D for three lashes.
  • This can extend up to 10D, although most technicians stop at 6D for lash health.
  • Volume Lashes create a fuller and more voluminous look compared to classic lashes.
  • Consult with your technician to determine the ideal volume and density for your desired style.

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid Lashes combine classic and volume lash techniques. They offer a mix of single lash extensions and multiple extensions per natural lash. This creates a textured and dimensional appearance.

Hybrid Lashes provide a balance between natural and dramatic looks. Consult with your technician to determine if hybrid lashes are suitable for your desired style.

Glam Eyelash Extensions

These are classic extensions with thick lashes ranging from 18 mm to 25 mm. They create a dramatic and uniform look. Glam extensions are more affordable than volume lashes.

They offer a bold and glamorous appearance without the need for multiple lashes per natural lash. Consult with your technician to see if glam extensions are the right choice for your desired style.

Russian Style

Russian Style extensions involve applying thin individual lashes in a fanned-out shape. They create a voluminous and fluffy look. The technique typically includes 4-6 extensions per natural lash.

Russian Style lashes offer a dramatic and glamorous appearance. Consult with your technician to determine if Russian Style extensions are suitable for your desired look.

Eyelash Extension Materials

Eyelash Extension Materials

Eyelash extension materials include faux mink and faux silk. These synthetic polymers offer a soft and natural appearance. Consult with your technician to choose the right material for your desired lash look.

Mink Eyelash Extensions

Mink eyelash extensions were once made from real mink fur. Nowadays, they are mostly faux mink for ethical reasons. They provide a soft and luxurious look.

Mink extensions tend to be lightweight and natural-looking. They offer a subtle enhancement to your lashes. Consult with your technician to see if mink extensions are suitable for you.

Faux Mink

Faux mink eyelash extensions are made from synthetic materials. They mimic the appearance of real mink fur. Faux mink lashes are soft, lightweight, and cruelty free.

They offer a natural and fluttery look. Consult with your technician to see if faux mink extensions are the right choice for your desired style.

Faux Silk

Faux silk eyelash extensions are synthetic and cruelty free. They provide a soft and natural look. Faux silk lashes are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

They offer a subtle enhancement to your lashes. Consult with your technician to determine if faux silk extensions are suitable for your desired style. These extensions are versatile and suitable for various eye shapes.

Faux silk lashes blend seamlessly with your natural lashes. They create a fluttery and elegant appearance. Choose faux silk extensions for a gentle and refined enhancement to your eyes.

Eyelash Extension Curl Type

Eyelash Extension Curl Type
  • Eyelash extension curl types include J curl (or B curl), C curl, D curl, and L curl.
  • The J curl offers a subtle and natural appearance, suitable for those desiring a softer look.
  • C and D curls are the most popular options, featuring a rounded curve that complements most eye shapes.
  • D curls provide a slightly more pronounced curve compared to C curls, offering a subtle enhancement.
  • L lashes have a bend rather than a curve, pointing straight upwards, ideal for deep-set or hooded eyes.
  • However, L lashes may appear odd on other eye shapes due to their abrupt bend.

DIY Lash Extensions

DIY lash extensions are a convenient alternative to salon treatments. They come in clusters for easy application at home. DIY extensions provide a temporary enhancement to your lashes.

They offer flexibility and customization to achieve your desired look. However, proper application techniques are essential to ensure natural and comfortable wear. Consult with tutorials and guides for effective DIY lash extension application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are eyelash extensions made of?

Eyelash extensions are typically made of synthetic materials such as faux mink or faux silk.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Eyelash extensions typically last between 4 to 6 weeks before requiring a touch up or refill.

Are eyelash extensions safe for my natural lashes?

When applied correctly by a trained technician, eyelash extensions are generally safe and do not damage natural lashes.

Can I wear mascara with eyelash extensions?

While mascara is not recommended as it can cause clumping and premature shedding, there are specially formulated mascaras designed for use with extensions.

How do I care for my eyelash extensions?

Avoid oil-based products, refrain from rubbing or pulling on your lashes, and schedule regular maintenance appointments with your technician.

Can I swim or shower with eyelash extensions?

 It’s best to avoid prolonged exposure to water and steam for the first 24 to 48 hours after application to allow the adhesive to fully cure.

 Can I remove my eyelash extensions at home?

It’s recommended to have extensions professionally removed to prevent damage to your natural lashes.

How should I sleep with eyelash extensions?

Sleeping on your back or using a silk pillowcase can help prevent friction and extend the longevity of your extensions.


Eyelash extensions offer a versatile way to enhance your natural lashes. They come in various styles, lengths, and curls to suit individual preferences and eye shapes. Whether you prefer a dramatic cat-eye or a subtle, natural look, there’s an option for everyone.

It’s important to choose a reputable technician and follow proper aftercare to maintain the health and longevity of your extensions. With the right care, eyelash extensions can provide weeks of beautiful, low maintenance beauty. So, whether you’re looking to add volume, length, or curl to your lashes, consider the possibilities that eyelash extensions offer for enhancing your overall look and confidence.

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