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Drake’s latest collab album, “Her Loss,” offers some hidden gems but also rough patches. Despite its flaws, the album has standout tracks worth exploring. With catchy beats and memorable lyrics, Drake and 21 Savage create moments of brilliance.

Some songs fall short, lacking the spark found in their previous collaborations. Despite this, “Her Loss” still manages to captivate listeners with its unique blend of styles. As fans navigate through the album, they’ll discover both hits and misses.

Drake’s signature sound shines through, reminding us why he’s a dominant force in the music industry. While not without flaws, “Her Loss” showcases the talent and versatility of both artists. Overall, it’s a mixed bag that offers glimpses of greatness amidst the rough patches.

DRAKE’S Biography

Sure, here’s a table summarizing some key aspects of Drake’s biography:

NameDrake (Aubrey Drake Graham)
EducationAttended Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, Vaughan Road Academy
ParentsFather: Dennis Graham<br>Mother: Sandi Graham
WifeDrake is not currently married, but has been romantically linked to several individuals
Net WorthEstimated to be over $180 million USD (as of 2022)
Age35 years old (as of 2024)
Height6 feet 0 inches (183 cm)



Drake’s fresh collab album, “Her Loss,” brings new beats and rhythms to the scene. Featuring 21 Savage, it promises a fusion of styles and voices. Fans eagerly anticipate the duo’s chemistry and sonic exploration in this latest project.

With its release, listeners dive into a musical journey filled with surprises and emotions. “Her Loss” aims to leave a lasting impression on hip hop enthusiasts worldwide.

“Her Loss” Tracklist

  • Virginia Beach: Sets the album’s tone with smooth production and introspective lyrics.
  • “Amen” (feat. Teezo Touchdown): Features a collaboration with Teezo Touchdown, adding dynamic energy.
  • Calling For You” (feat. 21 Savage): Showcases the chemistry between Drake and 21 Savage.
  • Fear of Heights: Explores themes of vulnerability and self-reflection over atmospheric beats.
  • Daylight: Infuses upbeat rhythms with introspective lyrics about navigating life’s challenges.
  • First Person Shooter (feat. J. Cole): Collaboration with J. Cole brings introspective storytelling and poetic lyricism.
  • IDGAF (feat. Yeat): Features Yeat, adding a fresh perspective to the album’s sound.
  • 7969 Santa: Mysterious and atmospheric track that delves into darker themes.
  • Slime You Out (feat. SZA): Collaboration with SZA brings smooth vocals and soulful melodies.
  • Bahamas Promises: Reflective track exploring the complexities of relationships and promises.
  • Tried Our Best: Reflects on past struggles and growth over soulful production.
  • Screw the World (Interlude): Brief interlude adding depth and transition to the album’s narrative.
  • Members Only (feat. PartyNextDoor): Collaborative track with PartyNextDoor, blending R&B elements with hip-hop.
  • Drew a Picasso: Metaphorical exploration of artistic expression and self-discovery.
  • What Would Pluto Do: Ponders existential questions over dreamy, ethereal production.
  • All the Parties (feat. Chief Keef): Collaboration with Chief Keef brings a gritty, raw energy to the album.
  • 8AM in Charlotte: Reflective track that chronicles Drake’s thoughts and experiences in the early hours.
  • BBL Love (Interlude): Introspective interlude exploring themes of love and longing.
  • Gently (feat. Bad Bunny): Collaboration with Bad Bunny infuses Latin influences into the album’s sound.
  • Rich Baby Daddy (feat. Sexyy Red & SZA): Features dynamic collaborations with Sexyy Red and SZA, adding layers to the album’s narrative.
  • Another Late Night (feat. Lil Yachty): Collaboration with Lil Yachty brings playful energy and catchy melodies.
  • Away from Home: Concludes the album with reflective musings on life and journeying towards self-discovery.

Her loss album cover

The “Her Loss” album cover features a minimalist design with bold, striking typography. Against a dark background, the title “Her Loss” stands out in vibrant colors, catching the eye. The use of contrasting colors creates a sense of depth and intrigue, drawing the viewer in.

Her loss album cover
Her loss album cover

The typography choice reflects the album’s themes of heartbreak and introspection. The absence of imagery allows the title to take center stage, conveying a powerful message. Overall, the album cover sets the tone for the music within, hinting at emotional depth and intensity.

Her loss album release date

The “Her Loss” album was released on [Insert release date here]. Fans eagerly awaited its arrival. The release date marked a highly anticipated moment in Drake’s career. The album dropped with much fanfare and excitement.

It brought fresh tracks and collaborations to listeners worldwide. Since its release, it has garnered both praise and critique from music enthusiasts. The release date signifies a new chapter in Drake’s musical journey. It continues to resonate with fans long after its initial debut.

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Drake’s It’s All a Blur Tour

Drake’s “It’s All a Blur Tour” embarked on a whirlwind journey across major cities worldwide. With sold-out venues and ecstatic crowds, the tour became a sensation. Fans eagerly awaited Drake’s arrival in their city, ready to experience his electrifying performances firsthand.

The tour featured a dynamic setlist, including hits from his latest album “Her Loss” and classic fan favorites. Each show was a spectacle of lights, visuals, and energetic choreography, captivating audiences from start to finish.

Throughout the “It’s All a Blur Tour,” Drake showcased his versatility as a performer, seamlessly transitioning between rap, R&B, and pop-infused tracks. From intimate ballads to high-energy bangers, he delivered a memorable performance every night.

The tour not only celebrated Drake’s musical prowess but also served as a platform for emerging artists, with surprise guest appearances adding to the excitement. As the tour came to a close, fans reminisced about the unforgettable moments shared, eagerly anticipating Drake’s next musical endeavor.

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Rich Flex DRAKE’S ‘HER LOSS’ Lyrics


I’m on that Slaughter Gang shit, (Shit) Murder Gang shit (Shit)
Slaughter Gang shit, (Shit) Murder Gang shit (Shit)
I’m on that Slaughter Gang shit, (Shit) Murder Gang shit (Shit)
Slaughter Gang shit, (Shit) Murder Gang shit (Shit)
Drake switches to a rapid fire flow, solidifying his status as a seasoned veteran in the rap scene.

[Part I]

[21 Savage & Young Nudy Intro]

Procure a bag of weed, hit the club
Cover the entrance for about ten comrades
We’re lively, hyped up in this establishment, yeah
We traverse the globe
Striding, indifferent to where our feet land, yeah
Get shoved, squashed
Yeah, 21, the prime specimen
Restrict a fellow to a submissive position, mate

[Drake & 21 Savage Chorus]

21, could you indulge me? (21)
Can you showcase a bit of your affluent lifestyle? (21)
And 21, could you do something for me? (21, 21)
Spit some bars aimed at my former lover
Then 21 (21), could you do something for me? (Yeah)
Can you handle business with our adversaries? (Okay)
21, do your thing 21, do your thing (21)
Do your thing, 21, do your thing

[21 Savage Verse]

Golden jewels in the timepiece, this cost a fortune
Never reveal your whereabouts to a lady, that’s how you end up sh
I DM using Vanish Mode, I do it frequently
Removed her undergarments and this woman’s curves rival the plot of a story
All my past lovers are insignificant, they’re worthless
If my enemies aren’t rapping, they’re hiding
If you’re not prepared to pull the trigger, don’t carry a weapo
I understand you’re menstruating, darling, can you oblige?
I’m a savage (21)
Slap her rear end at Magic (21, 21)
I’ll strike a coward with a firearm
I might attach a tracking device to his vehicle and obtain his location
Don’t contact me on Christmas Eve, darling, call your father (21)
Call your uncle (21), don’t call me (21)
Always nagging me, your woman is a nuisance
Why do my adversaries brandish guns but only rely on their feet? (21)
Paid like an athlete, I have

[Drake Segue]

All you women, all of you need to remember who you’re dealing with
I’m the CEO of Slaughter Gang
I’m available for intimate encounters if I’m not occupied, darling
If I’m busy, then no
You ought to seek someone else to reach out to
When your finances dwindle, find someone else

[Part II]

[Drake Intro]

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
I’m on that Slaughter Gang shit, hey, murder gang shit
Hey, Slaughter Gang shit, hey, murder gang shit, hey

[Drake Verse]

Conflict and weaponry, chrome on chrome
That’s the lifestyle I lead
Impersonators online, exchanging affection through technology
Weaklings band together so they don’t feel alone, hey
Nobody rivals me, I’m Young Money CMB
I used to associate with CMG, my home isn’t a rental
The attractive ladies await my presence as if I were PartyNextDoor
I’m steadily advancing, you’re suffering from PTSD
I instructed her to kiss me in the club, disregarding paparazzi
I used to desire a GMC, back when Woe was involved in breaking and entering
We’re revving up and embarking on a mission like Run-DMC
I spend time with her for a few days, then it’s ‘be right back’
You rappers love to inquire if I’ve been intimate, when you already know
When you already know
She arrived in high heels but left wearing casual attire
Hey, I’m living every day like Kobe Bryant did
Shoutout to Toronto, rest in peace to Kobe
This lifestyle is devouring me, I’m driven by success
Get a lot of attention from law enforcement, but I don’t reciprocate
The police constantly patrol my neighborhood late at night
21 knows my address, so the blade is ready at the gate
All my associates are benefiting from luxury
People see Drake and underestimate me
Take it from someone experienced, that’s a rookie mistake, hey

[Drake & Young Nudy Outro]

Oh, what, what
Slaughter Gang shit, hey, murder gang shit
Hey, Slaughter Gang shit, hey, murder gang shit
Hey, Slaughter Gang shit, hey, murder gang shit
I swear
Boy, look, you’re the man, boy, you, ooh
You’re the man, you hear me?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is her loss a bad album?

It depends on personal taste; some enjoy it, while others may not.

Who is Drake talking about in her loss album?

Drake discusses various themes including relationships, success, and personal struggles.

What is the picture of Drake’s new album?

The album cover features bold typography against a dark background.

Is her loss a collab album?

Yes, “Her Loss” is primarily a collaborative album between Drake and 21 Savage.

Is Drake a billionaire?

As of current information, Drake’s net worth is substantial, but he is not yet a billionaire.


“Her Loss” offers a mixed bag of tracks, showcasing Drake’s versatility and 21 Savage’s flair. While some songs shine with catchy beats and memorable lyrics, others fall flat. The album’s collaborative nature adds depth, but Drake’s dominance sometimes overshadows 21 Savage’s contributions.

Despite its flaws, “Her Loss” resonates with fans worldwide, captivating listeners with its unique blend of styles. As Drake solidifies his position as a rap veteran, the album serves as a testament to his enduring influence in the music industry. Overall, “Her Loss” may not be perfect, but it’s a worthy addition to Drake’s discography.

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